What is TipStart’s mission?

To create tools that make the world of work fairer.

Why is this our mission?

  1. Getting a job without help from personal connections shouldn’t be hard. But it is.

  2. Recruiting diverse talent shouldn’t be hard. But it is.

Why do we need TipStart?

Sought-after graduate jobs in professions like law, consulting and government policy are dominated by people from privileged backgrounds, despite many of the top employers in these industries committing to improving diversity. Diversity-focused mentoring schemes do exist, but they are burdensome and cannot scale to meet demand.

What is TipStart?

Short version

TipStart is about building professional relationships that would not have otherwise existed. We help organisations and underrepresented graduates find each other, in a world where equal opportunity is crowded out by privilege. Together, we are making the world of work fairer.

Long version

TipStart is a professional networking app that allows graduates to connect with industry professionals, mentors, and champions. The app provides a platform for building professional relationships, gaining insider advice and insights, and finding opportunities to break into rewarding careers.

The app features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for graduates and professionals to create profiles indicating their skills, education, location and career preferences. TipStart’s matching algorithm can browse these profiles and connect professionals with the graduates who can benefit most from their experience and knowledge.

TipStart also includes a messaging system that allows graduates and professionals to communicate directly, exchange ideas, and schedule appointments. Additionally, the app provides resources such as articles, webinars, and podcasts that offer insights and tips on career development and job searching.

One of the unique features of TipStart is that it has a built-in tracking system that monitors the progress of matches and provides suggestions to both the graduate and the professional on what to do next. This helps ensure that the connection is productive and meaningful for both parties.

In conclusion, TipStart is an app designed to connect graduates from non-privileged backgrounds with industry professionals who can help them succeed. It is a powerful tool for levelling the playing field and providing access to careers that would otherwise be out of reach.


New opportunity to connect with a professional in a job you want

TipStart is a new, award-winning social enterprise that makes it easy for students from non-privileged backgrounds to connect with professionals in jobs they want to do.