Accelerating Human Connection. Startup Advisor. Investor. Global Speaker, Facilitator & Coach Scaling Digital Marketing, Community + Ecosystem Development, Corporate Innovation and Exponential Organizations.


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What I look for in founders — underestimated founders who are scrappy (do more with less), adaptable, good communicators, who are obsessed with the problem they're solving, and have experience in the industry in which their company operates.

What I look for in startups — companies that solve pressing challenges in today's world, with market size in the billions, and make life, work, or play 10x easier (exponential organizations).

What resources I have to offer founders — tools and knowledge on medium and twitter, the Startup-Investor Matching Tool, newsletter/AMAs/podcast/community, courses, 1:1 consults, pitch deck feedback, and more.

What do I bring to the table for founders — connecting people to resources to achieve results and expertise in B2C growth and scale, networking, communication (e.g., speaking, pitch decks), and navigating the U.S.A. + Colombia startup-investor world.

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