As an academic assignment, essay writer might be asked to write a review of a book. However, you might have never written a book review before. Therefore, you would first have to understand what a book review is. Generally, a book review is to inform others about your opinion related to a book. Since you have read the book, others will be interested in your perception before wasting their time on reading a book that you would or would not recommend them to read. However, there is a proper format for writing a book review because you cannot write about everything that you read in the book.

A book review is a detailed summary of the book; an evaluation of its significance, and a thorough description of the quality of the content. It is a time and energy-consuming task because you cannot write a review before reading the book. To save you from stress, a professional essay writer can be hired since the task needs critical analysis skills. It must also include information on the purpose, main argument, and the author's perception regarding the topic of the book. Therefore, you would have to pay extra attention to the format of the book review.

Generally, there are two types of approaches used while writing a book review: descriptive and critical reviews. A descriptive review presents the content of the book objectively while describing the important information about it. However, a critical review evaluates the content of the book concerning accepted literary standards.

Students are mostly asked to write a critical review of the book as it requires analytical skills and evidence to support the student's perception of the book. You might also find writing a critical review challenging, therefore ask a professional to write my essay, as it will save your time, energy, and academic grades. Here are also some tips on writing a masterful book review.

Step 1-  Read the book

This suggestion might sound cliché to you, however, there is no shortcut for reviewing a book. You will have to read it first and organize your initial thoughts while building a perception of the book. In this process, highlight the main points that indicate the central idea or theme of the book. You should also note down the main point that you would add to the review later.

Pro-tips: If you feel stuck, you can imagine that a book review is simply a conversation about a book. Now essay writing service can write about the things that you would want to share with others about the book but in an organized manner. You can also search online for other writers' reviews about the same book and get an idea from them. If you are still stuck, a professional essay writing service can also be consulted to help you out.

Step 2-  Provide the summary

A book review is structured as an essay. It has an introductory paragraph, a thesis statement, the main body, and a conclusion. In the introductory paragraph provide a concise summary of the book so that readers have an idea of the main theme of the book.  However, do not provide too many details in the summary. Keep the paragraph short and engaging, while leaving some space for the thesis statement.

Step 3-  Formulate a thesis statement or main claim

Write your thesis statement in the introductory paragraph, mainly at the end of the paragraph. Your thesis statement should be based on the main claim of the author of the book. You can support or disagree with the author's main point in your own way. Your thesis statement can also be focused on the critical analysis of the content while evaluating the significance, style, and merit of the book.

Step 4-  Divide the main body

Since you have already highlighted the main points about the central theme of the book, this step would be easier for you. You should write at least three or more body paragraphs. The number of paragraphs can be increased as per the number of pages in the book.

Chapter or section-wise analysis

To write a masterpiece book review, break down the content into smaller parts as the book might have already been divided into different sections and chapters. In this way, the process of analysis would become easier to handle, especially in the case of the books having hundreds of page numbers. You would be able to write a well-structured analytical piece of writing without missing out on important elements.

Describe the strengths and weaknesses

In the body paragraphs, describe the strengths and weaknesses of the book. Strengths might indicate the overall quality of the content of the book, the organization, structure, and layout, and readability, etc. You can mention the weaknesses by comparing the book with another book that you had already read on the same topic. The book you are reading now might be missing some important information that the other author should have added.

Rate the book

It is important to rate the quality of the book for other readers. You can also mention your views about recommending it for a specific target group; such as mentioning that the book is suitable to be read by children under age fifteen, or it is beneficial for social science students, etc.

Step 5-  Write the conclusion