The stable version of VRoid Studio changes the body and face mesh, unifying both male and female models into one, reducing the need to customize textures between genders. Booth user JunBE_BU has a set of the new UV maps on their store if you’re not interested in exporting them all manually yourself. There are probably others with the maps uploaded, this was just the first one I found when the stable version of VRoid Studio was released.

I want to know more about Color Calibration

Color Calibration is a new feature that is better way to recolor stuff, but your textures need to be tweaked, and how depends on which texture. It’s not too complex (I was able to make an eye texture). Check the article on the Pixiv help site for details. The last section about ‘How to create an item that supports Color Calibration’ details which textures can use the feature and how the color is applied to the texture on export.

VRoid models are designed for VR and the web first, so they are low poly on purpose. Textures will do the heavy lifting on details. If you know how to draw, you will be fine. If you can’t draw, like me, there are plenty of freebies and tons of high quality paid content on Booth.

This is a list of all the program sections and anything to keep in mind...


When customizing your face, take your time. There are a lot of sliders.

If you are importing from the beta version, I highly recommend salvaging whatever textures you need from the import and creating a new model from scratch.

Face Sets

Eye Sets

Previous two sections contain ready to go presets that you can use as is or edit further.


Eye Highlights




A new texture in the stable release.

This texture will be baked onto the Eyeliner texture. [ look up what method (multiply etc) ]