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‼️ You must submit your first draft Student Profile for review before the next Countdown session ‼️

Recap of what comes next:

How to save everyone time...

The most common piece of feedback we give is “give us more detail.”

Check your resume for all of the things we reviewed in Countdown #1. Take some time to make thoughtful edits, additions, clarifications, etc.

Make sure you've done your due-diligence on the easy stuff (strong action verbs! Everything is spelled correctly! You put a decent amount of time reviewing examples and then writing your student bio! It’s frustrating for everyone to send back feedback on super low-level stuff that we’ve already covered.

Err on the side of too much information, rather than too little. It’s easier for us to cut stuff back, but we can’t invent what you did in a job. (Only you know that!)