Last updated March 15, 2022

What is TIDAL Direct Artist Payout Program?

Launched in early 2022, TIDAL Direct Artist Payout Program is a beta program that aims to give artists access to a new revenue stream by allocating up to 10% of a TIDAL HiFi Plus subscriber’s fees to that subscriber’s top streamed artist. It is an innovative fan-centered-royalties model that helps ensure TIDAL HiFi Plus subscribers’ fees are paid out based on the songs they actually listen to versus an aggregate pool like regular royalties.

As a trusted payment partner, artists can register in this program and receive payouts directly through their Stem account.

To learn more about the TIDAL Direct program, please visit

How do I register for TIDAL Direct in Stem?

2022-03-15_15-18-53 (2).gif

  1. Log into your Stem account
  2. Navigate to Account Settings and click on the TIDAL Direct Tab
  3. Search for your TIDAL artist page (you may open it in TIDAL to verify that you selected the correct artist page. )
  4. Fill out the form and submit!

Once Stem verifies that you can rightfully claim the artist page you selected, your status will change from “pending” to “claimed”. Please note that while the program is in beta, verification can take up to a few weeks.