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The reason why you can't see all the songs is because the album is half instrumentals.

#3 Trumpet On My Phone

#5 Watching Me

#7 Heartbeat Skip

#8 Tie The Strings

#11 Swords That Clear

#13 Don't Stop

#15 Hide and Seek


Producing and songwriting: Producing and songwriting by me Tynamite (Adisa Nicholson from Birmingham UK)

Singer: Female punk rock singer _______ from Birmingham UK. She sounds very similar to Katie White from The Ting Tings.

Listen and Buy: Coming soon January 2022 once I get paid from my first ever job


Genre: It's supposed to take influences from the genres of funk, east coast and dream pop yet not be a genre purist and have multiple genres whilst staying coherent from start to finish.

Brief beyond genre: It's supposed to have hyperactive drums, spanish guitar, steel guitar, horns, polyphonic synths, more riffs than chords (or even chord progressions). It's uptempo but not to the extent of being dance music. Also not every song is the same genre. It would be long to explain the technicalities of the arrangement and emotive techniques.

Scenery: A house party, after-party or beach, open air event. It's uptempo but not to the extent of being dance music.