To view statistics for the operators, traffic bot sections - you must go to the "Statistics":

There are 3 blocks available in this section: statistics on sections, operators, as well as a funnel.

Let's consider each block in more detail.

Section statistics

This block displays a diagram of the number of user logins to each section, as well as the number of exits from a section (users move from one section to another section).

To see the exact number of users, you must hover over the color of the corresponding section:

Section statistics can be viewed in the context of all connected messengers, or for each messenger separately. To do this, go to the appropriate tab:

Operator statistics

In the block "statistics by operators" you can see how much time the operator spent a dialogue with clients. The graph displays the time in seconds. If you move the mouse cursor over the operator's graph, its time will be displayed in hours, minutes and seconds.

The chart "Number of connections by topic" displays a list of available topics and the number of calls for each individual topic (you can see what topics are in the "Operator panel" - settings).

As well as in the section "Statistics by sections" you can get acquainted with the statistics both for all messengers in total, and for each individual messenger. To do this, go to the appropriate tab: