This course assumes some familiarity with ML concepts which is covered in this intro grad course:

Lecture Notes | Machine Learning | Electrical Engineering and Computer Science | MIT OpenCourseWare

Course Material

Most recent course home (fall 2016)

9.520/6.860, Fall 2016

Some of the lectures (e.g. "Reproducing Hilbert Spaces") are incomplete and can be found here:

Lecture Notes | Statistical Learning Theory and Applications | Brain and Cognitive Sciences | MIT OpenCourseWare

Lecture videos on Youtube

9.520 - 09/09/2015 - Class 01 - Prof. Tomaso Poggio: The Course at a Glance

Introductory ML Notes

Lecture Notes

For each lecture a student prepared a set of notes, these are not available through the website and a little difficult to find, so I am adding them as I find them.

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5