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**Startup Recipe(KO) / Startup Recipe(EN) is** a Korean startup media run by Media Recipe. We started Startup Recipe with one idea: deliver important and must read news, articles and analysis about startup industries. Our mission is to become a primary news source for the Korean startup community.

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We are NaaS (newsletter as a service) company.

Every morning email has short briefs on the most important issue happening in the Korean startup scene. Topics include government policies on business, VC funding, startup issues and events. We also cover global startup trends, global funding and business insights through a weekly newsletter, 'startup recipe'.

We continue to add more newsletters focused on specific topics for example co-working space, venture capitals, entrepreneurs, industries experts and so on. Readers can access our contents for free through our website without subscribing.


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We provide database of Korean startups, investors, accelerators, funding rounds to help our users make the better business decision. Our articles and in-depth analysis are based on the comprehensive data that we collect and update day to day.