We exist to inspire and connect a community of women to rethink and reimagine what parenting, entrepreneurship, work, and motherhood looks like. We are a media and community company that serves expecting entrepreneurs, female founders, and parents navigating the new world of work.


We tell the stories of women and their journeys across pregnancy, parenting, entrepreneurship, and leadership. We teach women and parents how to navigate the massive transition to parenthood, how to set up and take leave from work, and how to integrate parenting and business needs in a way that works for them. We advocate for working parents everywhere and we believe that we can reimagine what the future of work and parenting looks like.


These are our core values, and you can read more about each one here.

  1. We speak first using the words ‘in my experience’.
  2. There is deep power in community and collaboration.
  3. Work-life balance is a myth. There is fit and there is tension.
  4. Life is not all hard labor.
  5. Plans are important. And things rarely go according to plan.
  6. What ‘work’ looks like today is broken.
  7. You don’t have to do things the way they’ve always been done.
  8. Feelings matter.
  9. Most of us have a sixth gear we don’t know about.
  10. Culture change starts with stories.
  11. It's important to live and learn out loud.
  12. Make it, ship it, do it.


We are currently a small, remote, self-funded team led by the founder and executive director, Sarah Peck. Sarah is a mama to two small kids of her own, and her background is in studying the psychology of how people work, form habits, and learn from their mistakes—all which apply seamlessly to studying people through the lens of parenthood and entrepreneurship. Sarah works together with an awesome team that includes: