I have worked alongside a number of startups in the SaaS, B2B, B2C and Edtech and Micro SaaS spaces. I worked with Ignite, Facebook LDN_LAB, Emerge, Village Global, Dubai Future Foundation and QATAR Wise.

I am offering actionable advice at limited times. Everything discussed in these sessions is confidential and I am happy to sign NDAs if needed.

One-off 1-hour active GTM sprint to help you

1-hour session to support you individually or your team. This session can be either a presentation (15m) + or feedback (45m), where I can provide feedback on your product, plans and team structure. Or an AMA session where I can answer questions related to the product, PLG product and position, building a healthy pipeline and closing enterprise deals.

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One-off 1 hour with 1-hour pre-work

2-hour session to support you individually or your team. In this session, you can send me a pre-work where it's either a document, strategy or a product that I can play with 1 hour prior to our 1-hour session. During the live 1 hour session, I'll share my feedback verbally with you or your team.

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