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Episode Date: December 18, 2014

Jason Calacanis | TWiST | Twitter | LinkedIn

One of the toughest realities you'll face as an entrepreneur is the cost of business. You need to prove you can deploy resources intelligently to gain the trust of valuable investors and employees. It's just like the Zombie Apocalypse ... you can't waste bullets! In this "Startup Basics" Jason spells out the cold hard facts and gives up the red hot tips. So listen and learn: How to save money running your startup.

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Tips when you're starting your company

The Launch company does ~$3m of revenue and we work out of WeWork because we spend only $6500/month. It's a controlled cost. We're only spending $75k/year on our office space. - Jason (circa 2014.)

People start thinking "Ah! We have this great space, now we can all start spending money like idiots." - Jason