On a mission to help HR leaders at global enterprises implement Next-Generation Talent Acquisition solutions to access top talent easier, faster and better.

As we ease out of the pandemic, talent shortage has officially moved from acute to chronic problem. For organisations not to leave great talent on the table they must invest in a brighter future.

As we move toward a new reality for work, allowing employees to split their work week between working on-site and working from home, smart organisations will open up to team growth not limited by geographical boundaries, which brings unparalleled new opportunities for Talent Acquisition teams.

To further solve the talent shortage, and prevent attrition, one major trend is for companies to focus on internal mobility and invest in new technologies to surface skills and better connect the existing workforce with opportunities.

OpenTalent’s aims to be a leading provider of technology and services that make the job of Talent Acquisition easier, faster and better.

Operating Principles

At OpenTalent we operate following simple guiding core values: