Thank you so much for being interested in starting a School of Rocks where you are! It's so rewarding to build a community of riders and to grow as friends as well as watch each other transform into confident gravel shredders!

Drop us a message on Discord by ‘@El Minister for Shreducation’ or fire us an email if you want to start a school

Of course you don’t need to start a school from scratch if you already have a rad group to ride with! Any club or group can use our curriculum to build skills and confidence. Skip to The Curriculum if this is you.

The five steps to starting a School

1️⃣ Decide you want to start a School! Are you going solo or have you got a friend or two keen to help? Either works!

2️⃣ Hop on the Hub : Join our Discord and @ ROCKstars in the announcements channel. Someone will get you upgraded to a ROCKstar yourself. You now have the power to create a # channel for your School’s location.

3️⃣ Tell the world! Decide how you’ll get word out about your school. If you have a big community on a particular social media channel you might want to use that. Think about setting up a dedicated profile for your School for people to follow for updates e.g. lots of schools have set up dedicated instagram profiles

4️⃣ Check out the Curriculum 📖 have a think about the routes or locations close to you that would make for good lessons. Don’t worry if you can’t plan nice circular routes. An out and back to play or session something is ok too! If you need a hand the School Leaders hivemind channel on Discord is a great place to ask!

5️⃣ Pick a date! Decide on the day and time that works best for you, your ride leaders and the local community. Avoid any clashes with other regular rides or events but appreciate that you can’t always catch everyone. Folks who miss a ride can catch up as homework! Once you’ve got a start date plan your route and tell the world! Let us know if you want us to schedule a social post, or tag us in your own for reposting

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Getting Started

The Curriculum