Hi there!

You must be curious to know what is Olla and how do you fit in this app? Olla is a real-time social networking app for financial professionals. Well, I and ZiKang really love the idea of voice-based social media and we are excited at the direction this space is moving. However, we noticed that it's difficult to find authentic and reliable content for finance topics on other platforms.🤨

You might wonder, why finance? 🤔We believed finance is a global topic and it's not limited to investment, trading and so forth but it also involves category such as startups trend, career growth, personal development and the list goes on. We found out there are 3 main issues when it comes to finding the right finance platform to rely on as below:

So what's the solution? Imagine having a spontaneous discussion with your peers regarding stocks and/or connecting with high profile investors to get them to invest in your company. That's right, Olla aim to be the best place to talk about finance from the latest news about the business industry to discussion with crypto enthusiast at any time and anywhere while being rewarded for your effort to be on Olla.

We are currently in phase 1 where we invited selected beta users to join us to test out the platform and help us to build strong and quality communities before we open to the public.

Our fellow beta-testers are from the following groups:

Our founding team has personally talked to every beta-tester to make friends with each other. We can say that every person joining Olla are experts in their respective field and can’t wait to see how it will unfold.🤗 We will keep you posted once we are ready to launch Olla to both the Android and IOS market for the rest of you to join us.