This is a small "digital library" for everyone who wants to maximize her positive impact. This knowledge platform will help you navigate through thousands of resources about systemic change, purposeful innovation, effective altruism, climate change, inequality and other impactful matters.

Last update → 13 Feb 2019


300+ books for the change-makers

40+ organizations that are re-designing the World

10 podcasts to listen to while driving

Topic areas

Inequality and human rights: all lives have equal value

[Climate change: living within Earth's ecological constraints](

[Existential Risk: minimizing threats for humanity](

Effective Altruism: a movement for high-impact philantrophy

Impactful careers: how to make a difference with your career

300+ books

for the change-makers

This reading list, created and curated by Kate Raworth, includes books (essays and novels) that can help the change-makers and the impact-hunters to expand their knowledge over topics with high potential impact.

21 Lessons for the 21st Century


Doughnut Economics

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