16th January 2021


Hi there, 👋

New year, new me.

Yeap! It's again that moment of the year when we start making new planssaying goodbye to old bad habits and set out to conquer our most ambitious goals...

But did you know that most of the people give up on those goals once January is over? Why?

Because they didn't have a system.

Defining new goals is easy, but measuring what matters to actually achieve them - that's a whole different story. Introducing... OKRs

<aside> 🎯 OKRs, what are they and why you should care? If you never heard the term before, you'd probably think we just coined a new product gibberish. Nevertheless, this goal setting framework is generally attributed to Andy Grove, who was the first in introducing this system at Intel in the 80s.

OKR stands for, Objective and Key Result. Pretty self explanatory, but not as easy as it seems to actually implement it. It requires ambition, determination, transparency and routine.

At Product Bible we decided to give this framework the voice it deserves and therefore, OKRs was chosen as the only theme of this newsletter.

In addition to that, we wrote 2,000 word article about it. Check it out

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Product Bible #5

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  1. Profit 🔗

One of the most comprehensive tools out there to manage OKRs across your entire organization. You can set up your account for free and start digging into the world of OKRs. Set up your first objectives and key results, use the progress bar to check your performance and focus on the most important tasks.

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