Welcome to the Index Coop Creative & Design Working Group (CDWG)!

Index Cooperative Mission: We're on a mission to make crypto investing simple, accessible and safe for everyone.

How does Creative & Design support the Coop's Mission? The CDWG is the primary driver of our brand framework, creative strategy and general design execution for the Index Cooperative.

You can find more context about the CDWG in these forum posts:

You can also find monthly updates to the DAO in this section of the Forum: https://gov.indexcoop.com/c/organization/13 - look for 'CDWG' in the title of posts.

Member of the CDWG call themselves DOWLs (Designer Owls - a twist of Owls, the name for contributors to the Index Coop). Here are current list of contributors (as of 3rd August 2021);

  1. Dev. - wg lead - Discord handle: Dev.#2739
  2. Mestigoit - web designer - Discord: mestigoit#0158
  3. Codemathics - web designer and video producer - Discord: codeMathics#3139
  4. Static121 - web designer and video producer - Discord: Static121#7698
  5. caf - web designer and video producer - Discord: caf#0392
  6. Gekonn - product designer - Discord: gekonn#3433
  7. Emil_eth - marketer, web designer, FE builder - Discord: Emil_Eth#7101
  8. earth_maze - video producer - Discord: earth_maze#4603
  9. earth2travis - product and web designer - Discord: earth2travis#8570