We're delighted to have you join our community of guides globally. We're stoked to be on this adventure with you.

What do we look for in Thermal guides?

Our guides have followed their passions to create surf adventures, lodges, resorts, camps and boats globally. They're on various stages of their journey; while some may just be getting started as a guide (ex. opening a new surf camp) others have owned their resort for decades. Though each guide is unique, they share a common threads: they're remarkable, passionate and they are dedicated to providing memorable trips.

What makes our guides remarkable?

While remarkableness is a bit subjective, we look to the following principles.

How does this all work?

  1. Get in touch — Email us or message us with WhatsApp
  2. Create a listing — We'll do the heavy lifting.
  3. Communicate — Respond to questions about your trip.
  4. Approve reservations — You always get to decide who you welcome.

How does the guide community come together?

Our community works to support and enable guides. For example, our guide newsletter provides inspiration and news for guides, as well as unique resources, strategies and connections to support you and your business. We know we have much to learn from each other, and we are eager to share.

Our goals

Do what you love