Welcome to the Aragon Network Discord Server!

“Aragon empowers freedom by creating liberating tools that leverage decentralized technologies.”

See the full Aragon Manifesto here: https://aragon.org/manifesto

On this page you will find information covering our products, community resources, and details on how you can get involved with Aragon!

Quick Guide to Aragon Discord

📆︱calendar: Full list of any upcoming meetings or events

💬︱general: For general chat/inquiries/questions

📖**︱learning library:** For relevant DAO & web3 information/resources

❓︱questions: For technical support questions related to your DAO built using Aragon

Quick Guides for Community Members & Contributors

You may be wondering: “How do I get involved with Aragon?”.

Answer: Please see our Guides below and find out how to participate to the degree of your choosing!

Aragon Network DAO Community Member Guide: https://www.notion.so/defidragon/Community-Guide-046bb50353ad47eabde3e5c72761dd76

Aragon Network DAO Contributor Guide:


To learn more about the Aragon Network DAO, please see the Handbook: https://handbook.aragon.org/

For General Info About the Aragon & its Products: https://aragon.org/

If you are here for support for your DAO built using Aragon?

Visit our Support Forum to see if this question has previously been answered: