Welcome to the (always building) guide to Starred's culture.

Starred is a SaaS company based out of Amsterdam. We're on a mission to make people's working lives better by giving them a voice. We're a values-driven organization, and our company culture is incredibly important to our growth.

This handbook has been put together and will keep being added to, as a living document of how we approach work, working together, and building towards our mission.

Intro: Company values are to be 'lived'.

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What is this Handbook about?

A quick note about what this Cultural Handbook isn't.

Mission, Vision & Values

What's Starred's mission?

3 key learnings on our Mission, Vision & Values

What are Starred's Values? How are they used?

Why we replaced pretty much all policies with 5 words

Organizational Design

Why and how we got an org chart

How we recruit and hire

Job design

Learning and development



Flexible working

Flexible approach on holidays

Working Remote

Starting with the human

Communication at Starred

Open and honest communication

[Meetings: a necessary evil](Meetings: a necessary evil)


Engagement surveys

Managing and Leading

Management: how we get stuff done

About OKRs

About 1:1s