1. English level/fluency

Proficiency (C2)

  1. Experience in international (US/EU) projects on a corresponding position

See table below

Completed projects

  1. Knowledge & practical experience of Agile process facilitation

a) Please provide an example of the project where Scrum would be hardly applicable

  1. A project where a team has to do something NOT for the first time in their lifetime as a team: deploy an ERP-level app like SAP or Microsoft Dynamics, which would involve only very minor tweaks but no changes to the core of the software. Scrum would be applicable, except that it would hardly bring any value to that kind of project 🤣
  2. In general, any project where change is less likely and, if happens, shall not bring a project to failure. All fixed projects (where all 3 angles are fixed).

b) Please state three core differences between Scrum and Kanban



  1. Experience & Understanding of different financial & engagement models
  1. Experience of the contractual paperwork
  1. Hiring/Firing/People motivation experience