Introduction's lets you set up your own Rewards Program to reward customers and referrals for activities they complete. Customers can further use the accumulated points to redeem rewards or products that you determine.

Store owners and authorized staff members can easily set up multiple campaigns and customize them for specific business goals. While there are several rules for each program to choose, has 7 events that trigger rewards for different activities.

Here is an example: Reward 50 points for making a purchase

The below image illustrates how a campaign is set up and the reward gets processed.

For every event, affiliate/referrals get an email with details about the rewards involved. Store owners or staff can customize the format using the editing tools and they can even use Liquid Variables as placeholders.


Where do I customize emails for different events?

Emails for the seven events can be customized and tested under > Settings > Emails.

How do I edit and format email content?

Store owners and staff can edit email content for all the seven events, preview and test the output.

To edit & customer email content,

  1. Login to and go to Settings

  2. Click on Emails and look for the event that you want to edit the email for

  3. Select the layout that you want to use for the email, enter the subject of the email and add the title to show in the top of the email