Hi, I'm Stacy and I love using Notion for managing my life as a freelance web designer (who works from home and takes care of home and my elderly father). I've showcased how I use this setup on Notion Office Hours with Marie Poulin (see the recording here) and shared templates of my pages below.

If you choose you use any of my templates, please feel free to share with me on Twitter, Instagram or via email. I'd love to see how you're using them!

- Stacy

How to Use

If you want to duplicate my entire setup, you should copy the Home Template page below - it is the main page that contains all the other pages. Otherwise, if you just wish to duplicate specific pages or databases, you can select from the others below.

Home Template

Business Templates

Projects Template

Operations Template

Clients Template

Blog-Only Content Template

Multi-Channel Content Template

Web Design Project Template