<aside> πŸ“Œ We recently introduced the new Stacks Grant Dashboard. This resource goes in-depth on the information architecture and design considerations that makes it all tick. You can also read about the Grants application, and assessment and payment processes here.



The process of developing the Grants Dashboard provided us with an opportunity to evolve the complexion and organization of the Grants Program through consideration of an ontology (labels), a taxonomy (categories), and a choreography (structure) for grants.

We also break down the fundamental design considerations that drive the program.

Design Considerations

At the Stacks Foundation our objective for the Grants Program is to support grants that lead to a user-owned internet powered by the Stacks network and secured by Bitcoin. It’s important to us that the grants program is well-balanced and that each grantee feels as though they have ample resources to build the future that they want to see for Bitcoin.

Our Methodology ⏄ The Three-Legged Stool

We think of our grants program like a three-legged stool, where people, information, and process all share equal importance and play a part in supporting this objective.


We identified the following three tenets as the pillars that make up the program:

  1. People: Grant ambassadors help identify grants, guide grantees through the grants process, and serve as a mentor and consultant to grantees.
  2. Information (Grants Ontology): Information architecture organizes the Grants Dashboard and all of the different types of grant opportunities that we have available.
  3. Process: Application, assessment, and payment processes simplified via the Grants Dashboard.

Grants Ontology

An ontology should serve as a framework for representing shareable and reusable knowledge across a domain. Of course, one layer of ontological labeling is already in use, Grant Types:

Grant Types

Stacks Grant This is what we call our standard grant with a set budget (limited by the Grant Level) and a set deliverable. Stacks grants fund infrastructure development, tools, research, education, & other initiatives that offer clearly scoped and immediate benefits and insights to the Stacks community to further help accelerate broader adoption and growth.
Stacks Resident This program fuels subject matter experts (individual or small group) to explore open-ended research, sustained improvements to ecosystem infrastructure, experimentation, and other long-term projects.
Chapter Grants Enable life-long community members to become leaders to accelerate growth of the Stacks blockchain and other dapps built on it around the globe. Local chapters aim to increase adoption and drive innovation for all.
Wishlist Grant Development tools or ideas the community would like to see come to fruition in the Stacks ecosystem. Wishlist items can turn into grants with support from the community. Wishlist Grants are now designed with a suggested budget (defined by the Grant Level) with them, so builders with the aligned expertise know the approximate value of work prior to applying for the grant.

Grant Levels

However, we felt the broad categories of Stacks Grants and Wishlist Grants could use another layer of definition, so we also identified four Grant Levels.

| Starter Grant | Target Audience: Anyone Core Focus: Start Builders on their grant journey. Primary goal is to support Builders making small to medium open source solutions and/or Builders looking to help populate the Knowledge Base with Tutorials, Solutions, and Smart Contract Templates. Award Range: $ – $5k | | --- | --- | | Builder Grant | Target Audience: Individuals and Small Teams Core Focus: Support Builders that are interested in building medium to large open source and/or composable code, infrastructure, tooling, research, or community resources for the Stacks and/or Bitcoin ecosystems. Award Range: $ – $25k | | MVP Grant | Target Audience: Support Teams and Builders looking to build an MVP of a product on Stacks and/or Bitcoin, Core Focus: Support Teams and Builders looking to build a primarily open-source MVP (minimal viable product) for a product that is either built on Stacks or adds utility and accessibility to Bitcoin. Award Range: $ – $100k | | Partner Grant | Target Audience: Companies, Guilds, DAOs, and Foundations with a proven track record looking to partner with the Stacks community. Core Focus: Great for teams with a proven track record looking to integrate their existing product / service / protocol with Stacks or build on Stacks and need support for primarily open-source components of that mission. Award Range: $ – $500k |