The Stable YAP offers investors something new.

With asset stability at its core, the Stable YAP offers investors the opportunity to invest in a fully managed and automated investment portfolio that offers a long term growth potential as well as a weekly payout in BTC. With implemented strategies it outperforms BTC and ETH hold and additionally produce you a passive income.

To quantify SYAP investments, this was issued as managed with a token. This is not a blockchain-based token, but a unit of measurement for YAP investments. Investors would purchase, sell (automatically through withdrawal) and hold their YAP investments in the SYAP token.

Every SYAP token in circulation is backed by real assets - ETH, MIDAS, USDT and BTC. We very soon plan to add layers of transparency to allow users to track the number of tokens in circulation as well as the overall assets that back up these circulating tokens. Each token is priced based on the markets providing underlying support.

Market leading coins included in Stable YAP:

Included in the Stable YAP are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and MIDAS. This combination of coins offers both long term portfolio stability and significant growth opportunities.

Receive a weekly payout in BTC:

Stable YAP offers an 23% APY. Invested **users will receive payouts directly in BTC to their BTC balance**. Payouts will be made weekly every Friday and will include BTC generated by the Stable YAP from the previous 7 days.

Automated portfolio rebalancing:

Rebalancing helps secure your profit and restributes profits to other coins in your portfolio with short term growth potential. As a result of our backtest results,

Stable YAP will perform a monthly rebalancing to optimise profits and results from your investment.

Check out the Stable YAP landing page and Midas platform now to find more information and to make your first deposit to the Stable YAP.

YAP presentation on YouTube from CEO Trevor