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Teamflow is the all-in-one collaboration hub helping remote and hybrid teams collaborate with the least possible amount of friction.

Unlike traditional videoconferencing tools that require scheduled meetings and produce a lot of ‘Zoom fatigue’, Teamflow is all about enabling spontaneous, focused collaboration and teamwork.

It shows your video in a bubble on a virtual office floor plan. You can move that bubble around, like in a video game, and only hear the people around you. Native apps within Teamflow let you whiteboard, take notes, share multiple screens, or bring a web application into your virtual office, without ever having to change tabs or lose connection with your team.

So your team can collaborate in this space, and when you want to chat with someone, you can just walk over to them and say hi, just like you would in real life — no more Zoom-scheduling nightmare.

The end result is better meetings, less Zoom fatigue, higher employee engagement and ultimately, a more productive and collaborative workplace.


To date, we’ve raised $50m from top-tier venture capitalists including Menlo Ventures, Battery Ventures, Elad Gil, Coatue, and others. You can read about our most recent fundraise in this article by Forbes magazine.

Teamflow is growing fast. Thousands of companies use our platform to power their collaboration, and we’re making some noise out there — TIME Magazine listed Teamflow as one of the “Best Inventions of 2021”.

This makes Teamflow an exciting place to work! There are tons of opportunities to grow, gain valuable experience, and pursue interesting ideas — we’re still small and nimble, but well-funded enough to dream big and swing for the fences.

Working here provides a unique opportunity because we use Teamflow day-in and day-out.

Whether you’re in engineering, marketing, sales, or customer success, you’ll get to experience the product we’re shipping on a daily basis — and have a seat at the table in helping determine the future of how the world works.

If you’re looking for an environment where everyone gets along, morale is high, product is built quickly, and growth is explosive....please submit an application!

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