Tracking incoming referrals on your SquareSpace powered website is pretty easy and straightforward with ReferralMagic. The steps you need to follow are;

  1. Create your ReferralMagic account (if you haven't done already)
  2. Create your referral campaign
  3. Copy tracker javascript
  4. Add tracker script to your Squarespace website pages
  5. Test

Step 1: Create ReferralMagic account

If you haven't created your ReferralMagic account yet, please visit and signup for a trial account. After signing up (or logging in if you have an existing ReferralMagic account), create your referral campaign.

Step 2: Create your referral campaign

Give a name to your campaign, enter your website URL where your referrals will visit, choose "Signup Booster" referral campaign type and enter your reward settings.

Step 3: Copy tracker javascript

Once your campaign is created, you will be redirected to the installation instructions page. Copy the tracker javasript as shown below:

Step 4: Add tracker script to your Squarespace website

Login to your Squarespace dashboard and edit your website pages. Edit the page content block:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page content and click "Add Block" icon. From the menu, choose "Code":

On the opened window, choose "HTML" mode from the drop list: