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The Fantom ecosystem last week has seen many positive changes as the Fantom Foundation launched an "economic stimulus package" of more than $300 million rewards to Defi builders and projects when they meet certain criteria set by the Foundation. This can be seen as a big push to create a boom for Fantomnians when Fantom's award is almost the highest compared to Layer-1 platform competitors. Today, Black Mamba Ventures introduces to you the SpiritSwap project, one of the two pioneering arrows in the native AMM on Fantom Blockchain.

SpiritSwap Introduction

SpiritSwap is a DEX/AMM forked from PancakeSwap officially launched to the community at the end of April 2021. If you have already known and used one of the major DEX/AMM platforms like UniSwap, SushiSwap, or PancakeSwap then SpiritSwap will not be so tricky to get you to approach right away since its UI/UX language is so easy to interact with. So what's outstanding about SpiritSwap for us to "try before you trust”?

SpiritSwap Highlights

β†’ As a fork of PancakeSwap but deployed on Fantom Opera, so SpiritSwap's DEX/AMM inherits Fantom's blockchain advantages such as extremely low gas fees ($0.0001), low block times (1-10s), TPS throughput is quite high and the blockchain structure is compatible with EVM, so the user experience can be brought from Ethereum.

β†’ Being the first pure DEX/AMM project to be deployed on Fantom Blockchain next to SpookySwap, it helps to attract the value and volume of liquidity that is quite fragmented in this ecosystem.

β†’ SpiritSwap received a grant from Fantom Foundation right from the time of launch.

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