Speed graph is the default graph you see in Shift View:


This graph displays the per-minute production speed and by scrolling on the widget you can see the data covering different timeframes - from 10 minutes to the whole shift. You can move the chart by dragging it right or left.

Elements on the graph

  1. Dotted white line - indicates the target quantity (per minute), which is derived from the product settings that were active for the specific station.
  2. Dark red areas - unplanned and uncommented production stops are displayed with the same colour. Planned stops are not displayed by any colour (gaps).
  3. Yellow/white line - speed line, showing the produced quantity per minute. It is yellow when the qty per minute is below the ideal production speed (in product settings) and white when it is over the ideal production speed.
  4. Product changeovers are marked with the same blue icon as they are on hour lines.