For upcoming TechTalks editions ****we're looking for people who want to speak at one of our events. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced speaker or have never given a talk before. We want to give everyone the chance to talk about something they love, that motivates them and feel passionate about.

Who is our target audience?

Adult women who code (who live in Belgium), all with various backgrounds, different specialisations and skill levels. Currently we have no events planned that are focused on women who might want to learn how to code or transition into code as a profession)

How long is a short talk? (lightning talk)

A talk can be somewhere between 10 and 15mins.

How long is a normal talk?

This can be between 20 and 30 mins(Q&A not included)

Longer talks are also

Talk Topics

We narrowed down a list of topics to give you an idea of what you could talk about at one of our events. Other topics are welcome to as long as we deem them a good fit for our audience.

Coding topics