Please review the guide document that matches your event type 3 times for the best possible experience for yourself and our all-volunteer team:

  1. When you first join our event or get accepted.
  2. 1-2 weeks from the day of the event you're presenting at (set a calendar reminder now)
  3. The day before the event.

Event Guides

Flagship Event Speaker Info

Salon Event Speaker Info

Poet, Performer, & Interviewee Info (still drafting)

2020-2021 COVID Caveats

Please note that our run-of-show for the week of the event is all optionally online. You can join us by Zoom call just as easily as you can join us in person. If you have travel limitations you'd like to express or coordinate accommodations of any kind, simply email so we know what you would like us to expect and how we can best serve you.

We have guides available for how to film your talk at home and how to promote & attend the event without leaving your house :) Just ask!

Attendance & Speaker Guest Ticket Policy

All speakers get a free +1 and any other guests you have will receive a speaker discount code to use to get their tickets, we have both memberships (for locals or people who plan to attend multiple events - and event tickets all your attendees can buy.

You should have a discount code for 10% that matches your name or some theme of your talk. Ask someone if you don't know yours.

Tickets, once they are live, will be at, but please only share with your audiences, if keeps things simple. should be the only link anyone outside our organization ever needs to know or remember or type, period.

Speaker's families can get access with a discount we always offer year round with a discount code we emailed to you. Or just ask us if you forgot.