Responsible for DAO Human Resources, guilds recruiting & skills tracking, incentivized task marketing, bounty management and tracking

Ecosystem Grants Proposals

Need to Update Job Postings page...integrate with Wiki

PowerPool Open Positions

Establish bounties for successful referrals similar to this example.

DeFi Alliance Job postings

DeFi Alliance Job Board

Index Coop is looking for a Head of Data Analytics $US 10,000 per month

IIP-61 Head Of analytics - Full Time Offer

Index Coop had ~400 applicants for 6 unpaid internships:

IndexCoop DAO Internship Program

A lot of good people are in Bankless DAO...we need to overlap and get some working for us:


Meme for Gordon to Tweet to boost recruiting:

Together with SparkGrow Team, scout for talent via Contests and Promotions