Responsible for sourcing, transforming and presenting all forms of data in support of active management of the pools in the Power Universe and periodic reporting to investors.

Data Sourcing & Analysis

Metrics & Analytics

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Roadmap & Task List

SparkData RoadMap & Task List

Analytics Tracking

Over time, PowerPool needs to develop a very broad analytics tracking and analysis capability that will require integrating many sources, and require a fair amount of manual tracking, since not all the data is on-chain. This implies that the DAO needs a multi-source data integration, analytics and (interactive) visual publishing platform which is accessible and useable by a large team of part-time DAO contributors. Ideally, the following metrics would be tracked for all the tokens (and candidate tokens) on shortlists to guide re-weightings.

Tracking analytics:

  1. FDV/TVL
  3. P/S ratio
  4. P/E ratio
  5. MAU/Network growth (delta user counts)
  6. User retention
  7. Revenue/Profitability to token holders
  8. Monetary velocity (number of times capital flows within the system)
  9. Capital stickiness (similar to fdv/tvl)

Developer activity on Github, quality of the code, the coin release schedule and social indicators such as tweet mentions and daily website visits are better proxies of success of a defi project compared to fundamental indicators

Role of Token-trackers