Responsible for Discord, Telegram, Notion Wiki, Forum and Governance content & moderation; also responsible for organising meta-governance information flow and gathering DAO input on key votes.

DeFi projects should be more top-down & vision-driven versus asking your users/community about what they want. Because of the infinite composability, there are always literally too many ideas (most of them bad). The DAO needs to have a strong vision. If you don’t have a strong vision, you will just end up building incremental shit that doesn’t move the needle at all. @0xtuba

Credentials & Access Levels

Permissions & Access Credentials

DAO Contacts & Roles

Discord & Telegram Platforms

Planned projects: Gating xCVP?

Permissioning levels:

Discord SparkTeam channels should be open to >100 xCVP Sparkies, since this allows DAO members with 'skin in the game' to volunteer for SparkTeam tasks, contribute useful information and aid recruiting. Each SparkTeam should also have its own Telegram Channel only for members of the Inner Circle. There should be Telegram Channels for Council, Group and also specific channels for discussions with partners.

Wiki - Notion

Notion is an awesome tool for DAO coordination...needs to be the hub for the DAO. Analytics and permission for defined sets of pages for SparkTeams (other than the SparkTeam pages like this one) need to be refined.

Website Development

The website should provide gated access to the analytics/tracking dashboards, flash polls, Forum and Governance platforms, based on xCVP in Wallets. Staking, NAV tracking, Forum & Governance links should all be visible on the same page: