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What are Spaces?

**Spaces in CLASSUM can be a class, course, group, or session - anything that reminds you of a place where people gather to learn. The word Space was chosen to emphasize that learning shouldn't be limited to a single place, that it can happen anywhere and anytime!**

🔨 How to create and setup a Space

<aside> 💡 Creating a Space differs slightly for Free and Premium plans.


Free Plan

To create and setup a space on the Free plan, follow the next steps.

[Step 1] Name your Space

  1. Click Create Space.


  2. Choose Free


  3. SelectInstitution Type and Institution Subtype


  1. Select Default Language and give your Space a name.


[Step 2] Setting Permissions and Roles

  1. Add or remove Permissions and Role Names.

<aside> 💡 All Admins have the same level of access to content. However, only Space Owners can delete the Space.



[Step 3] Defining my role and Space Owner's name