Project Title: One-Way Transmission

An interactive composition for smartphone and electronics

Project Description:


"One-Way Transmission" is a participatory composition with graphical expression generated from landscapes. The abstract notation functions as a single journey with a prepared path. The participant who opens the gyroscope webpage is the connected performer. Performers are free to respond to the unpredictable effects with their mobile devices in the evolving soundscape until reaching the end of the route. The system retrieves the information through the Internet's connectivity and responds to the incoming messages with audible feedback. It allows the audience to establish relationships with the interconnecting network by simply opening a webpage. The interaction process with remoteness and randomness has the effect of opening our mind to the world around.

Graphical Notation

The abstract landscape was generated by RunwayML software with GIS images of Taipei.

Left: Front Layer (Designer: Jung-Hsi Hung)

Right: Back Layer

30 second Demo Video

Setup and Rules

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