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<aside> 💡 Latest update: 26th of November, 2021


Seeing the Latin American venture ecosystem’s unprecedented momentum, we asked ourselves: which Latin American company would become the next unicorn? To put it another way, which of them would enter our Soonicorn Club?

To better answer this question, we have been tracking down startups with an estimated value of more than $100M which are not yet unicorns, but might be soon.

We’ve been fascinated by the results that we update weekly here.

Chapter 1: Soonicorns by launch year #ClassOf

Capture d’écran 2021-11-26 à 12.21.17.png

Chapter 2: Soonicorns by geography #TheOrigin

Capture d’écran 2021-11-26 à 12.21.06.png

<aside> 🌈 To be part of our Soonicorn Club, you must meet a few criteria: (1) Founded in 2012, or after, (2) Public valuation of more than $100M OR last equity round of more than $20M, (3) VC-backed, (4) Still not a unicorn.


Please help us make this Soonicorn Club Live, and keep it updated: aparatre@allvp.vc.

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