Soon Capital invests capital from strong entrepreneurs, families, corporates and private equity firms in companies with great future potential. As an industry-focused investor, we concentrate on outstanding and scalable media, marketing and technology companies. Soon Capital was founded with the vision of creating outstanding European companies with global influence in their niche through acquisitions, investments and growth programs. Our goal is to sustainably increase the value and growth of our investments by actively supporting management in their growth and helping to shape the company. With our team and our Pool Of Experts we advise and finance companies at every stage if required. Our investments are designed for the long term.

Investment criteria:

  1. Company is based in Europe
  2. Digital-based niche offering with USP
  3. Untapped growth potential
  4. Scalable offering (≥40% growth p.a.)
  5. Proprietary technology and IP/rights
  6. Solid nucleus as basis for further add-ons
  7. Only majority or complete acquisitions (≥70%)
  8. Long-term management commitment
  9. Management loves their work and supports the team
  10. Min. 3 consecutive years profitable and debt free

For potential investors:

For our majority investments and BnB projects, we work with investors who, like us, are looking for long-term investments that have a strong impact in the market. Our primary goal is to accompany the company over a long period of time and to develop it into the leading international company in its niche. For this purpose we work together with selected strategic capital partners. Possible investment tickets start at EUR 5 million and are currently limited to EUR 100 million per investor. [As of: 04.05.2021]


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