Shaping Holistic Innovative Frameworks of Thought Fellowship 2021

As there is much to do and undo, weave and unweave, this is a living document that will shape and grow as needed.

Applications are currently closed.

About Somewhere Good:

Somewhere Good is a new social platform designed for people of color to connect around the things they love. Our team of Black, Latinx and queer folks are designing an app experience to give marginalized communities the safety they need to discover, connect and create online a digital world in which every person on our platform feels reflected and empowered. Launching late January 2021.

About SHIFT Fellowship:

SHIFT is a one-year fellowship program designed to create an ongoing feedback loop of innovation and exploration between our product, team and communities.

Five fellows will be invited to participate in a year-long process in which we engage through critical inquiry and dialogue, research, feedback and published works of thought.

Throughout the year, fellows will be asked to critically think, converse and write about digital ethical dilemmas and communicate with our product, design, marketing and engineering teams to co-generate the frameworks for building better, safer, more thoughtful digital social platforms.

Why SHIFT Fellowship:

Somewhere Good is taking the individual acts of defiance and disruptive innovation that many people are creating and putting it all in one place. In our online world, people of color come first.

You are someone whose work is already an act of defiance, an innovative disruption, a source of communal inspiration and a pathway to liberation. As we build technology that is in opposition to the things that we know, the goal of this fellowship is to create a system in which we are constantly challenging and building new models and standards of innovation.

You are intrigued and excited by the idea of building a foundation for new online futures alongside our team.

Length of Fellowship:

January 1, 2021 through December 2021

Expected commitment:

(4) Quarterly virtual discussions with fellowship cohort and the Somewhere Good team

(4) Quarterly 500-1000 word critically written memos on various topics pertaining to community, technology, innovation, and ethics (to be published in an annual, public-facing report)