Quick facts

🤖 Our stack

We love to keep things simple, straight forward and reusable, to deliver the most impact with the least effort. Our services' backend runs on Typescript, Next.js and Postgres (with Prisma as an ORM) in a serverless environment. Our frontend is therefore built with React, Bootstrap, and Sass Built with Webpack. We also use Java and Python for our data science work. Everything is running on Azure and we use Github for code management and as a CI/CD platform.

😲 About the opportunity

As a Software Engineering (Full Stack) Intern, you build our certification and quantification platform for forest owners. This includes a variety of tasks, such as feature discovery and implementation, system design, infrastructure planning, and development operations. Your ultimate goal is to enable forest owners to start and develop their carbon credit projects via Pina's platform - which is the heart of Pina's service.

😎 What you will work on

🌈 Equal opportunity

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