Remote (UTC +/-3h)

👋 About Beyond

Beyond is a community-tech product that helps community-led businesses succeed. We enable them to leverage the power of Web3, automate, and operationalize their communities. Consumer business is becoming more and more community-led, and we're equipping them with the tools to kick ass.

🪢 The Team

We’re a highly ambitious team on a mission to make communities awesome. We care about building a great place to work as much as we care about shipping a great product. That means we take care of each other, we make sure there are opportunities to grow, and you’ll never be bored.

We're a fully remote team, sitting in various locations around Europe. Currently, we are three (but about to grow fast!) Katia lives in Berlin and leads the entire commercial side of Beyond, including Sales & Marketing. Alex lives in Barcelona and leads Product & UX. Shane lives in Lisbon and leads Tech & drives business. (update: we are now 8! the team grew, we are sitting in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, <insert your country here>)

We're a highly collaborative bunch, who like to challenge each other a lot, in pursuit of great outcomes. We hope you'll challenge us too.

You can read more about the team here.

💼 The Role

The Software Engineer role will be one of the first engineer hires in the company, reporting directly to the CEO/CTO. As such, you'll play a massive role in establishing how we do things, what tech we use, and team culture.

Being part of an early-stage startup, you can expect to be working on a lot of different things, but your focus will be to help build and improve a robust web3 product for communities.

Day to day you'll be working closely with the whole team, but mostly product, design, and tech.

We take a hypothesis and experimental approach to product development. We test everything, and make decisions with data. We like to ship early and often, without spending too much energy on debating the perfect output — let’s test it and see!

Here are a few specific things you'll encounter on the regular: