<aside> 💡 Did you know that the latin word for community engineering is simia? Ok, so that’s not actually true, but just as in apes stronger together suggests, there is value to the monkeying around happening in Web3. Changing how things work means building a movement, bringing together like-minded people, nurturing a dialog around the topics we work on.

If Privy is to help set better standards for how developers engage with user data on the Web, we need to engage with developers in a meaningful way. This means putting ourselves out there not just through our tooling but by nurturing a community to engage with our tooling, shape our work and ultimately carry the values of data privacy out into the Web in a nuanced, thoughtful way. Help shape the conversation with us!


We seek an outstanding software engineer focused on community development to lay the foundations for a private and sovereign Web. As a developer advocate at Privy, you'll be working on key initiatives to nurture, engage with and open our systems to the developer community around Privy.

This role will be a highly visible role in the organization and in the broader ecosystem. We are a lean team and this role comes with a lot of autonomy. We’re looking for a self-starter eager to run experiments in order to corral meaningful conversation and building around what privacy and data sovereignty means on the Web.

Community at Privy

Product and community engineering at Privy is about engaging developers in shaping our product. We drive the conversation with our developer community to shape privacy, data sovereignty and developer tooling in the Web. We build in the open because our mission is a collaborative effort.

We believe that changing complex problems comes through elegant abstractions, intuitive interfaces, and building forums in which meaningful, nuanced exchange can be had. Community at Privy stands in for the many forums through which our work and tooling can interact with the world at large. We deeply value nuanced, thoughtful takes, and a recognition that much of engineering is about tradeoffs and setting appropriate defaults. The work we do is far too important to be driven from within a single organization and our community is at the heart of driving what Web data privacy will mean tomorrow.

As a product/community engineer at Privy, you will…

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