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<aside> 🖤 At Stark, our mission is to make the world's products more accessible for everyone. We help teams build compliant software products more efficiently. By integrating with the tools design, engineering and PM teams already use, Stark optimizes their workflows through intelligent automation. The result: significant reduction in cost, time to compliance, financial and legal risk, and a product that can be used by everyone.


What Stark needs

Hey there! We’re looking for a Software Engineer that can use their understanding of Mac & iOS technologies to build and maintain the—the mac app Designers, Developers, and Product Managers on teams will use as a hub to interact with Stark. Working on a team of two other engineers, you'd use your extensive knowledge of Swift, you'd spearhead efforts for Mac that focus on integrations, automation, intelligence, performance, and inclusivity.

We believe the world is better when everyone has the ability to navigate it. As a team of 13 scattered across 6 countries, the thread that holds us together is our collective eagerness to learn from and teach each other with the wonderful values from our different walks of life. We need someone that can teach us and our customers, and are equally as eager to learn from others on the team as part of a quality-driven organization.

What you'll find yourself doing

⭐️ Building Mac OS app that is responsive, accessible and performant.

🧠 Working with the team to brainstorm, define short-term tactics and long-term strategies, sketch, implement, and iterate on industry changing ideas—from conception to production.

📐 Help guide our overall technical decisions and architect solutions on Mac.

🛠 Participate in user research and testing to better understand our customers.

🚀 Launch experiments and work to improve current solutions.

🐛 Assist in triaging bugs and usability issues to fix issues in production.

🔍 Review code and get your code reviewed by others on the team.


<aside> ❗ If you don't think you qualify based on 100% of what's below? Don't sweat it. Reach out anyway, please!

We don't look at degrees. We think it's fantastic you have one, but we don't use it to evaluate. Preferred candidates have a strong understanding of their craft, experience with accessibility, compliance, or design/dev tools, and are excited about this space.


Your technical skills