About The Role

We are looking for Software Engineers to join our engineering team! We have one Junior-level role available, for a passionate Junior who wants to quickly rise to the rank of Software Engineer. You'll be bringing technical expertise, creative problem solving, and innovation to our team as we continue to build on our product, eddy. eddy is a conversational AI bot that allows engineering teams to create and deploy technical onboarding plans to new hires. We're continuing to build on our vision of becoming the operating system for high-performing engineering teams with post-onboarding feature sets. These technical challenges cover several exciting opportunities to help our customers leverage their own data in new ways.

<aside> 👉🏼 This is a full-time, salaried position with a compensation package based on experience, including equity.


About You

You might be the right fit for this role if you...

...love learning, asking questions, and trying new things

...get excited about building complex systems

...are motivated by creating products to help your fellow engineers do their best work

...know how to cope with and work through the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, chaos, and ambiguity) of being part of an early-stage start-up

Technical Background

We are looking for a backend engineer to join our team! A strong candidate will have worked on or architected projects using 3 or more of these tools/languages:

We'll 😍 for candidates who have also worked with chatbots, Slack APIs, and/or deploying machine learning models to production

Most importantly, we want you to be eager to learn new tools, languages, and platforms and to bring your own expertise to our product and team. Innovations are being created every day, and as a start-up, we have the luxury of experimenting and shipping rapidly to get customer feedback. As a Product-Led Growth company, we're committed to building with and for our customers in every part of our business.

Duties & Responsibilities