The Company

Cardinal is a protocol and product suite on Solana designed to enhance the utility of NFTs and empower the next generation of on-chain digital assets. Through its core set of smart contracts, associated SDKs, and UI/UX tooling that together achieve what can be best described as conditional token ownership, Cardinal is powering a variety of utility-centric NFT use cases, including rentals, subscriptions, staking, ticketing, identity, and more in a fully-decentralized manner. Cardinal tooling is a critical piece of infrastructure for NFT mass adoption and expansion into useful digital assets.

The Role

We are looking to expand Cardinal, with the goal of expanding our footprint both within and outside of the Solana ecosystem by maximizing integrations and usage of our protocols and associated tools. Accordingly, we are always interested in talking to new engineers looking to join this effort.

Because of our teams lean-nature, we will look to you to understand our different code-bases and tools, figure out what’s possible, and contribute to roadmap planning. We aren’t just looking for another engineering hire - we want to maintain a small and efficient core team of contributors. Almost everything we build is also open source and we will work to keep these tools that we build all open source and encourage open usage. As an engineer this also means addressing feedback, feature requests and providing light developer support where it makes sense.

The team also is comprised of all full-stack engineers. While we may have individual focuses, we expect new members to be comfortable and willing to develop across any area of the stack. Currently, Cardinal infrastructure consists of mostly rust programs deployed on Solana, typescript SDKs (mostly generated), supporting sever-less cloud functions to ease use and run jobs / offline processes, nextJS base UIs, react component-libraries, and Solana RPC node for experimenting with indexing and RPC infrastructure, and various graphQL API usage. We have some light database usage mostly in firebase and prefer to keep online infrastructure minimal.



Preferred but not Required**:**

Compensation & Benefits: