About Grain

Grain turns your debit card into a credit card by syncing with your primary checking account, analyzing your income and spending patterns; then offering a line of credit tailored to you (not your credit score). We never run a credit check. We never reject anyone. We don’t issue a physical card. Millennials, Gen Zs, and immigrants are using Grain as an alternative to the credit card in order to establish credit history or ease their cash flow.

We're challenging the notion that debit and revolving credit need to be distinct, siloed products. We believe that one should very much inform the other - one card with access to both.

We’re a YC-backed and venture funded startup. Since launching this past December, we’ve been growing about 250% MoM on average with a 4.8 ratings on the App Store.

About the Role

As the 7th employee, you will wear multiple hats as well as having the opportunity to:

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