As a Software Engineer intern with Sable you will be part of an inclusive team, in the heart of Berlin that is building the bank of the future from the ground up. You will participate in software delivery from end to end, including conception, development and right the way to deploying to our Kubernetes cluster on Google cloud. You will have your own area of responsibility and will have the opportunity to work in rotation on our mobile app, operations interface, website and back-end as well.

We use NodeJS, React Native, and GraphQL - in typescript flavor - building in a modern way without legacy. You'll have the opportunity to learn a lot about the global financial system. We currently have $100,000s of deposits, growing to millions in the next few months

What we're looking for

What we offer

How to apply

Email with the role title as subject and your resume, LinkedIn and any relevant links (personal website, Github, projects, etc) in the mail.