You work on the cutting edge of technology and have experience shipping digital products to customers. You’re excited to work collaboratively with design, product, and engineering. You thrive in fast-paced, unstructured environments that require you to wear many hats and think on your feet. You’re an independent thinker, a fast learner, and you're hungry to be a part of a high-performing team.

The Role

We're seeking a Software Engineer to join our team.

You’ll be joining an excellent team of modern javascript engineers. You will work closely with our lead frontend and backend developers to execute on our technical roadmap. You’ll be exposed to a variety of technologies across the stack as you ramp up on our codebase and engineering practices. You will build features, review code, write tests, maintain infrastructure, and help define best practices.

We work almost entirely in Typescript. Our web app is built in React, mobile in React Native, and backend in Node. We’re built on AWS, so familiarity with their product suite is a major plus.

Your experience


This position is remote-friendly during COVID-19 but will eventually be based in New York City (targeting spring 2021).


This is an example of how you can give your job descriptions some life. At Air, we use this section to highlight our company mission, values, culture, and personality.

Our goal is to help teams collaborate with photo and video.

Air is a productivity tool focused on media management. Creative teams love our product because it helps them capture and organize the photos and videos that drive their business. On Air, image recognition and color search create structure where needed and flexible workflow tools support creativity and conversation. Our goal is to align your content with the way you work: in a time crunch and on the go.

Life at Air

We're a cast of characters that love engineering, product, and design. We work out of our warehouse in Brooklyn, New York remotely! We left our office due to COVID-19 and are currently working from around the country and world, but we do our best to maintain east coast hours. Our plan is to begin regrouping back in Brooklyn in early 2021.